A global crowd sourced project to map the Minecraft genome and shed light on Minecraft's relationship to learning in all its varied contexts.Check out the categories and pages listed on the right to see the diverse contexts for Miencraft in learning.
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Bron has been invited to the Microsoft Research Minecraft Symposium in LA March 20th and she would love to share your stories with the people gathered. Join the wiki and create your own pages to point to or share your story.

Minecraft has been variously described as a game, toy sandpit, learning space, creative environment, virtual world, and game-infused service. But what really are the affordances of this blocky 16 bit program and how can we even begin to define its value to learning? Enter The Minecraft Experience, a global crowd sourced wiki support by Bron Stuckey of the Massively Minecraft Project. People engaging in Minecraft activities about the globe are being invited to share all its contexts and adaptations. The categories for these experiences will emerge from the crowd sourced content as all of you contribute thoughts, media, resources and questions to build the Minecraft Experience evidence base.

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So let's make sure we get it right let's listen to all the Minecraft players and observers out there who want to have a say!