Hola from Cuajimalpa! Colegios Peterson, or Peterson Schools, is a private K-12 institution with 2,000 students on four campuses around Mexico City.

We've been using MinecraftEdu, a special mod just for education: http://minecraftedu.com/page/

US $40 for a schoolwide license. Best when run on a LAN server but I've been running it on a MacBook, with students in the classroom connecting via wifi.

We concluded a unit in our Computer Workshops just recently. The assignment was open-ended: Build a city. No, seriously, that was it re: instructions. We had some Minecraft experts and others were complete newbies. The students learned independently and via each other. They've shared some screen captures and and some testimonials as well.

We next tried Gamestar Mechanic, but they missed the ability to create together. They're hooked on collaboration now. I had planned on a World of Warcraft unit to finish the school year, but they insist on using Minecraft again! This time they promise they're going to, as a class, design and build a city with a common theme.

I'm David Deeds, the Technology Integration Specialist for the organization. Send me an e-mail if you have comments or questions: ddeeds@peterson.mx