Theme: Westward Ho! (Traveling West on the Oregon Trail in 1850s)
When: Thursdays After School
Who: 5th Grade students (18 students participating)
Club Sponsor: Jennifer Rothman-Tait

What: For the last few years Seminole County Public Schools have been hosting technology-based camps and clubs that explore engaging and innovative uses of 3D virtual world technologies as an environment to learn, problem solve and apply real world concepts. This year we will have an after-school club that explores the resources within the Minecraft 3D game to learn and demonstrate knowledge about curriculum. For 12 weeks, the participants will be able to explore, discuss, brainstorm and develop an engaging 3D experience that demonstrate their findings and lessons learned.

Westward Ho! Web Site

The site includes weekly blogging and research assignments for students and gamification through opportunities to earn badges for various works throughout the course of the club. There is page for screenshots of the build taken throughout as well.