I am a homeschooler. I have had a few teachers and a few awesome mentors =) that let me use virtual worlds for projects and it has been great. A few years ago I was given a Minecraft account. It has helped me to make really cool projects for school.

Using Minecraft for school is great because it is fun but I am still learning. I have to study the subject before I start building so that I know what I am going to build. I like the fact that it is like Legos where you start from scratch and you have to be creative.

I usually build my project and then I do a walkthrough and hand it into my teacher. I have used Minecraft for Humanities and Science this year. The DL teacher I have this year enjoys getting projects made in Minecraft and has allowed us to use it a lot. I am glad I have been able to use Minecraft for school. My teacher even bought Oculus Rift goggles so we were able to test them out in Minecraft and it was awesome.

Here are a few examples of my projects.Nightvision goggles 1.png
These are Night vision goggles that I made for science.

Nightvision goggles 2.png
This is what the Night vision goggles would look like if you had them on.

This is a nose that I made for science.

Japan 1.png
This is Japan. I made it for humanities.

Medeival Manor 1.png
This is my medieval manor for my humanities.

Medeival Manor 2.png
This is my medieval manor for my humanities.