You can become part of this project by sharing your experiences in Minecraft. This is open to kids, youth, teachers, parents researchers equally.
As a project member you can contribute to any of the existing pages or start your own and manage the content for it. You can share by adding words, pointing to a video you have created, uploading pictures, making a Wordle of the words that describe Minecraft, Creating an Animoto of your experience. And these are just a few of the very many ways you can add to everyone's understanding of this quirky little program.

The first areas to contribute are:
  1. **Worth a 1000 Words**
    Add and link to show what Minecraft looks like and get really creative with your captions
  2. **Something that surprised me...**
    Tell us about something that really surprised you about Minecraft and why.
  3. **Is Minecraft Addicting and if so why?**
    Explain your thoughts on this question and give an example to help us understand how.
  4. **Provocative Questions**
    We are hoping to create pages for each of the most Provocative Questions raised about Minecraft and we have started this off with some of the most frequently asked questions.
  5. Your own idea
    Your ideas for a page, question, way to get other involved in The Minecraft Experience. This is something you, your group or class could manage. Start a new page and add a link to it here.