Is Minecraft Addicting and if so why? What are your thoughts and experiences?

James B.
Lake Mary, Florida


Made on his computer with construction paper. ;)

Justin W.
Lake Mary, Florida

What makes Minecraft so addicting is that you can literally do anything you want plus it also makes a challenge because you can only use blocks and that sorta adds a challenge to Minecraft plus there is no real backstory so you have to make your own version or make your Minecraft life backstory.

Jaiden M. (Chili_Doge1234)
Lake Mary, Florida

Minecraft is so addicting because the possibilities are endless, you can keep building and making the process over and over again. Minecraft is where you can use all your creativity from a dirt block to a diamond block or a block to a tower.

Righton S. (righton1)
Lake Mary, Florida

I think Minecraft is addicting because its so fun and you get to be creative and there is so much to do in mine craft that you just can't wait for.

Alex R. (swboy2021)
Lake Mary, Florida

Minecraft is addicting because it is a creative game that never ends. Minecraft has credits, but no actual end. You can build a diamond mansion, and then a gold greenhouse, etc. without end! I find this addicting because of my love for improving villages. I have a lot of experience with villagers (even if all they say is hmmmm? or hm). So in conclusion, I find Minecraft addicting because of it's never-ending features.

Connor P. (HeathrowConnorP)
Lake Mary, Florida

Minecraft was addicting to me when I found out that in Minecraft we are able to change the look with texture packs. We can expand Minecraft's inventory with mods, we can change our character with skin packs and finally, we can use our creativity in solving problems to making what we could call a future invention.

Jay N. (jcreepercrusher)
Lake Mary, Florida

I think Minecraft is addicting because it has complex gameplay so you will always find new things to do whether it is making a cake or defeating the Ender Dragon. Not only this but you can go on multiplayer servers to share your experience and participate in many challenging online games such as hunger games. Of course if you want to make the game even more addicting you can also include mods to expand gameplay options and abilities. Minecraft is a game where if you just sat in a two block hole with a roof then you would survive. However this makes people expand to take risks even if they could take the easy way out so taking risks makes it more addicting. You can make various creations with redstone to trap friends to killing mobs to making a password locked iron door. In conclusion these are only a few of the addicting qualities of Minecraft.

David L. (TheCrafter314)
Lake Mary, Florida

I think the main reason Minecraft keeps you playing is the infinite possibilities it provides. If you watch YouTube videos about Minecraft, you'll notice that just about all of the channels "survive" mainly because of their Minecraft videos. If you look at their videos in general, you'll never see a replicated video. Adventure maps are always different in some way. Plus servers add amazing minigames. Talking about servers, Minecraft servers give an awesome multiplayer experience. My favorite server is, by the way. There is just infinite possibilities.

Tazio B. (Tazemisan)
Lake Mary, Florida

I think Minecraft is addicting because in Minecraft you can build anything. Minecraft is a game of creativity. Right now we are using Minecraft to learn about the Oregon Trail. Last year we worked on the Revolutionary War. What's next...WWII or maybe Civil war. Wow so many amazing ideas boggling in my giant head of ideas. Each update Mojang makes Minecraft much more fun. Last time they added stain glass windows and I created a huge palace with giant windows. Minecraft is so addicting. I love it!! I love it!!! I love it so much!