Knox Grammar School (Sydney Australia), has developed its own Minecraft server for students to work on, create and collaborate. It has been
running for approximately three and a half years now and continues to grow and evolve.

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Knox also has a Minecraft co-curricular club which we would like to expand to students outside the Knox environment. The server currency is called Droogans. There are 100 Drakes in one Droogan and in short form one Droogan is written as 1Dg and one Drake is written as 1dr. Each student receives 10 Dg when they first enter the server, this allows them to buy a blocl of land from the real estate shop and some other smaller items. You can exchange gold blocks into Droogans at a gold exchange - there is one at Spawn and one in Rushtown. The rate of exchange varies. They then need to choose a role for example pioneers, architects or miners for which they receive specific items at a reduced price. More information on this can be found on our website (which is still under construction).

There are projects running on an individual, class and year levels. History (Castles), Language (Zoos) and Geography are some of the departments that are slowly buying into Minecraft as a tool for learning. We try to get students work on their projects within our server as it adds to the riches and diversity of content with the world.


In 2011 Year 8 were given an Integrated Learning Task (ILT), which involved researching and developing a sustainable city. Minecraft proved to be an extremely popular and creative way of presenting the final product. Year 8 again embarked on an ILT in 2012 for which they conducted research on Mars and built Mars colonies. There was an international tone to this project, with a group of tudents collaborating with a class in US to complete the International Mars Dome. This is where, in my opinion, the real strength of Minecraft lies. Developing collaborative bonds between schools and students from overseas, for us shifts the focus of Minecraft to, collaboration, communication, project management and cultural awareness. With varying cultures entering into the environment it has the potential to become a global learning platform for our students. In 2013 all of Year 5 were involved the ’Rush Town’ project which was a great success.

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Our Mars environment


This year we also introduced a second server called 'Design World'. Within this server, students are in Creative mode and are able to build with the full benefit of being in creative mode. On completion of a project, Knoxcraft buys the build (if it is deemed suitable) for an agreed amount. The build then becomes the property of Knoxcraft and the students are not able to make alterations. We have found this necessary, due to our economy and the ability for students to hide gold in builds they produce in Design World.

Students come and go from our server as they become older and their interests change. However, Knox is continuing to develop its Minecraft environment and develop links with interested classes to collaborate on projects and enhance our students learning outcomes.

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