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The Mineclass Project is an experiment in awesomeness. Students around the world are linking up in a shared Minecraft server exploring student-directed learning (and teaching teachers). At the moment we have participants from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, England & USA.

I have been running inter-school collaborative Minecraft projects for 3 years. I prefer the full version over (teacher centric). My goal with was to empower educators or students to build global minecraft projects for free. I have provided a roadmap.

Minecraft is an amazing collaborative learning universe. Students can learn global collaboration and communication skills in Minecraft. Mineclass challenges the entrenched techer centric learning models of mainstream education. The Minecraft Jedi students are the ops. They run the project. Teachers are facilitators of 21st century competencies eg. Web based project management, digital citizenship.

High level computational thinking is evidenced in Minecraft. I have 10 year olds coding java plugins. 15 year olds making working computers. The students are teaching the teachers. The students are also running excursions and workshops in our collaborative world.

MICROSOFT: Please keep Minecraft open. Keep it student centric. We don't need Minecraft skilled teachers. We need facilitators of global learning. Please don't further monetise this amazing creation universe. :)

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