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In Education in Scotland

Proposed research pilot:

I live in the City of Dundee in Scotland and it is where 4J Studios, the makers of Minecraft for the XBox and PS3 is situated. Those guys have even made a texture pack that has been used to imagine what the waterfront redevelopment of my home town might look like!

Anyway,I have been inspired by the work of Dean Groom, Jo Kay & Bron Stuckey with Minecraft for many years but was recently motivated to explore the possibility of using Minecraft for the XBox when I read a post by Dean Groom that talked about bypassing issues with servers and Local Authority IT policy that prevents access to Minecraft servers by just using it on games consoles.

I am now in the very early stages of planning and carrying out an intervention in Primary schools using 10 XBoxes and 6 PS3 to document the impact that Minecraft on this accessible platform can have on curricular learning, collaborative learning, social dynamic, behaviours and attitudes to learning by learners AND teachers.

This is in the early planning stage and I am currently setting up Minecraft accounts on 16 consoles. I will keep you updated as things progress!
Derek Robertson @derekrobertson