Minecraft History Project- Ancient Egypt, Ancient Japan, The Mayans

Project Goals:
Students will work together in pairs/groups to plan, build and present a big interactive topic that will incorporate both aspects of History and Measurement along with other curriculum areas.

Students will be working in groups of 2-3 to complete a range of tasks. These tasks may involve multiple aspects so make sure they read the instructions carefully.

Duration: Approx 3-4 weeks

How This Project Works:

Find out about life in your assigned village- Egypt, Japan or Mayan. There are a lot of sites out there with information about life in these villages , just be aware there are also lots about Modern life so check carefully.

It is important you take the time to do this as your research will directly reflect how you build your own version of an Ancient Greek village. You will need to take note of the websites you use for your references page in the presentation


Create a presentation about your assigned place in history. Your presentation should be 2-4 minutes long and made to be shared with the class. I am looking for you to be as creative as possible with your presentation and use a range of apps to present your work.

Apps you could use:

Amazingly talented Superstars
Haiku Deck
Slide idea
Puppet Pals
imovie+Tellagami+pics+video+voiceovers+a range of choices from the ‘Awesome’ list

websites with videos, pics and info in your own words

Explain everything presentation with audio, pics and video

Something with Augmented Reality

Things to include in your presentation:
What life was like for the people who lived in your village
gods, goddesses and monsters
Famous sites
burial rituals
language (hieroglyphs)

You also need to make a SEPARATE imovie to showcase your build. Label the different areas of your build.

Build it!
Choose a world in Minecraft and build the following buildings/areas using the research you have done to help you be realistic in your builds.

  • You village is made up of 100 people, mostly families. You will need to build suitable housing for these people. At minimum you should have 6 houses enough to house a family of 8. Each house should include sleeping areas, cooking areas, a central courtyard, and place to worship. Include any other areas you think are relevant based on your research.
  • a town square/market complete with stalls for different produce and goods that would have been sold. Name these stalls based on your research.
  • 3 Temples- there will be one main temple based on your research. Using research about this god/goddess and their temples, build your temple accordingly. Also choose 2 lesser gods/goddesses to build smaller shrines to.
  • School
  • pathways around your village
  • Fence around your village. Place a torch at every 10m, a sign every 100m and an entry point every kilometre.

Use images from these builds in your brochure.