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‘Cloudmaker: Making Minecraft Real’

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This is a project combining youth, designers, Minecraft, in bridging the igame and physical worlds. Participants were involved in making, robots, 3D printing and loads loads more! In this project youth are the researchers and we look forward to hearing more of their findings.

“The goal of Cloudmaker is to provide tools and teaching materials which make it easy to use Minecraft as a platform for collaborative design between young people. We have achieved this through a process of working together called ‘co-design’, which access the tacit skills and knowledge of teachers, students, researchers, artists and developers, to create something none of us could have created alone. An exciting innovation is to extend Minecraft into the physical world, combining the power of the digital and the real.”

Minecraft Maker Community in Scotland

Derek Robertson

In Scotland there has been investment in a national schools intranet called Glow. This initiative has been faced with a number of issues over the years that has impacted on its hoped for success however last year there was an attempt to create learning communities that would allow us to create contexts that would attract school pupils in to the space without the permission of their teacher. One of these communities that was designed by @arossvoll was inspired by the Maker Culture of and Minecraft (given that we were unable to offer a hosted server via Glow at that time). Have a look at how this was presented to Educators and to Learners