"Our fantastic worlds in Minecraft"

Teacher: Stavroula Lada
During the school year 2015-16, the students of the 6th grade in Elementary school in Greece run a project based on Minecraft.
The main idea was to create their imaginary worlds, present them, make a campaign on them and then vote for the best 3 worlds.
  • First, the had to write on the paper their idea and describe their world.
  • They voted for the evaluation team and for the criteria on which they would select the best worlds.
  • They also created a support team (which students would help them as they knew minecraft better than them)
  • Then they had to showcase their world and make an advertisement on that so their peers vote for their creation.
  • Some students were very creative and made even virtual museums.
  • They had to make a campaign in order to get more votes.
  • They presented their world created in Minecraft.
  • Their peers made the evaluation.
  • The 3 best worlds got a prize and all applicants got a certification in the end of the year, with their parents present.

Skills developed in this project:

  • Creativity
  • Language skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Engagement