I've blogged about my daughter's foray into Minecraft. Rather than rehash, I will include excerpts with links to original posts and create a timeline of sorts.

Minecraft is Mobee01's world and here are some of our shared stories.

posted December 2011 - Of hopes and dreams

She’s given up dance in lieu of Tae-Kwon-Do. She’s also given up band which I’m a lot less happy about. What she did pick up is #massivelyminecraft. She’s a gamer! Who knew? Here she can build in digital boxes and tell her story as a 3D drawing, so-to-speak. She is learning to ask for help because it’s a good way to learn (“if you don’t learn, you die”). She is always keen to help. She is showing some ambition (she wants to be a mod). She is better at Skype than me. She can tell us stories after stories about her adventures without having to draw it for us. She has friends and mentors there. It is her world and in there she is well and truly herself. Megan is less shy now. For this, I thank @vormamim and @jokay; they’re vision, dedication and skill are inspirational.

She is only 10 and a little young to consider career choices. At the moment, she is saying she wants to be an architect (yep, building!).

posted January 2012 - Learning to play

Today I joined Massively Minecraft, “a learning community exploring how to live, work and play in Minecraft“. I’ve posted before how this world is where my younger daughter, Mobee01 has developed her ‘voice’ (see Of Hopes and Dreams).
I watched her play – and learn so much – in the last 3 months; a source of vicarious learning for me. Megan has developed in so many ways but this post is not about her. This post is about me in Ms10′s world. Here she is, watching over me with one of her epic builds as a background.
Megan and I in Massively Minecraft
Megan and I in Massively Minecraft

Megan in yellow, hovering over me.

In this world, Mobee01 is literally watching over me.
So, this is play?It’s hard and there is much to learn but the fun is not just a promise for when I’m good enough. The fun has already started. It’s not just me having fun either. Mobee01 is truly delighted, just as she is delightful.

posted March 2012 - l33tmeet

What really struck me was what Bron [Stuckey] called the small g and the big G. The small g is what kids learn in-game, e.g. building houses, fighting creepers, crafting potions. The big G is what kids learn through the game using MM as a framework, e.g. writing journals, making video tutorials, skyping (text and voice), screencasting, self-directed quests. The big G provides opportunities (heaps) to develop individuals and a community where kids lead kids and kids are comfortable to learn and I know that from Mobee01's experience, that the learning is massive! ISTE’s NETS for students are met in MM.

jetpack to present

Since then, Mobee01 has achieved her goal to be a mod with a final challenge of being a co-presenter in-world at a global conference. I attended it, too, with the little miners helping adults like me get around to view their creations. I was so proud of my little 'un as well as everyone involved in Massively Minecraft. Mobee01 has proven to be a good mod and leader (at least according to @jokay) and the platform has certainly further developed her 'voice' and leadership, as well as design and digital skills....seriously, too many to mention without me sounding as a biased parent...which I guess, I am.

Mobee01 has attempted to build her own server, off her own steam and with her dad's help. Her builds there, as with anywhere, are amazing! And I'm not biased there because many have said so, including my own students to whom I've shown photos.

Now 12, she still plays Minecraft and the only server she plays in is still Massively...and occasionally, she gets to play with her people there with the latest project being Emerald city, inspired by her love of the musical, Wicked.

She's no longer as obsessive about Minecraft but she is definitely a gamer, with a preference for short games or games with narratives, like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Alas, we don't have an xBox or Playstation.

She's a good kid and I'm proud of her. I've no doubt that her involvement in Minecraft, and Massively Minecraft in particular - surrounded by awesome kids and adults! - helped shape who she is today. It's Mobee01's world.

I've asked her to write and share some of her stories...so this is where I'll stop.