When you think about Minecraft what burning questions arise? What's been bugging you about it? Let's gather those questions here and we will have events and meetups to discuss the most interesting, nitty-gritty and provocative questions.

Questions to engage your kids

I (Bron) found this his blog post which some great questions explore with kids playing at home. This is the blog of a very thoughtful homeschooling mum.Christy's Houseful of Chaos Trying to increase the educational value of Minecraft through open-ended questions.
Cool questions like:
  • How is minecraft similar to lego?
  • Do minecraft characters get lonely?
  • Does it matter if your minecraft cat and dog get killed?
  • Imagine approaching a minecraft chest. Now imagine what is inside it. Do you picture the grid on which the items are stored?

Dean Groom has also written about how parents can engage their kids in conversation about their Minecraft play.

How to talk to your kids about Minecraft


Dean says...
So here are 10 questions that I’ve found work.
1. What are some of the skills that have contributed to your success? (insight)
2. What get’s in your way of success? here (insight)
3. What do you find most rewarding things to do? (motivation)
4. What additional skills or things could I (the parent) do to help them you feel even more successful? (abilities)
5. What do other people say about your Minecraft builds? (real world)
6. What have you said about other people’s builds? (accountability)
7. How much time do you think you play a week? (accountability)
8. Have you ever griefed someones Minecraft build? Why/why not? (accountability)
9. What makes a great Minecraft server ?(insight)
10. If a new person came to you to learn how to play this – is that something you’d like to teach them? (motivation)

Questions harvested from various web sites and commentaries...

Is it true that kids are naturally drawn to survival mode and why would this be so?

Is there a threshold age at which children should be allowed to play on multiplayer servers?
Can Minecraft be both an obsession and an educational tool?

How can Minecraft challenge and transform the established view of what learning looks like?

My name is Derek Robertson and I have an interest in the the digital spaces and in particular the computer games that young people choose to situate themselves in. Further to this I am also very interested in the behaviours and attitudes to learning and the self as a learner that naturally occur within these contexts and how they can free children to exhibit levels of engagement and achievement that may never be seen in school. I wrote a blogpost about this that I hope you find of interest:


Having worked as a National Adviser for Games and Learning with the Scottish Government I was keen to capitalise on the Minecraft Zeitgeist and to exploit the rich learning that could be mined from contexts such as Minecraft and the enthusiasm that they naturally create:


However, my experience has been a hugely frustrating one in terms of how innovative ideas that are embedded in sound theoretical perspectives coupled with grounded practical application that teachers could understand and see have been neglected and ignored to a certain extent by those who maintain the glacial habitus of established education which invariably recognises, rewards and values a culture of Word processing, Powerpointing and basic web searching.

What if...what if those who made decisions spent a week building in Minecraft, what if they were tasked with designing and building an effective learning space within Minecraft...what if they started to go to YouTube and to forums and to wikis to learn the way children do? Would there be a hint of understanding of the power and potential of these spaces and what this means for formal education? Would these eyes that are wide shut begin to open?