Hello! So, my name is Snowkit. I cannot wait to update this page into something great!

April 24, 2014
I decided to rewrite the story for Escape to Morrow. Here it is:

A twinkle in the night sky above you catches your attention, look up and see a small light. It seems to be geting bigger and bigger. You notice that as the light gets closer you start to feel the ground tremble and your skin starts to get hot. The light is mesmerizing and you can’t seem to take your eyes off of it. All of a sudden you realize what you are looking at. A meteor and it is headed straight towards you. You panic and start running around like a headless chicken. Soon the meteor collides and...
You jolt awake and look around. Phew… No meteor… It was just a dream. You quickly jump out of bed, get dressed and head down stairs. After making yourself some cereal you turn on the television to watch some cartoons. Half way into the episode it is interrupted. First there is a bunch of static, then something flashes across the screen in red letters, “Emergency Broadcasting” A news reporter starts talking, “And there is breaking news! It turns out there is an meteor big enough to wipe out all life on this planet heading straight towards us. Luckily there has been a planet located a planet 4 billion blocks away. It is called, Morrow. The three nations around the globe already took action and agreed to team up and get out of here. Each nation was known for the amount of redstone, iron or coal. We must all build spaceships to get out of here. Well, you lucky people are going to help us. Get to your town hall for more information. Now all eyes are watching the sky and a single question lingers in all of our minds. Will we live or die?"

April 23, 2014
First a few facts about me.
1. My favorite animal is the dragon
2. My favorite food is candy
3. My name is Snowkit