In our Panel Discussion at Games for Change 2014 in NYC our panel chair Nicholas Fortugno posed key questions for the panel We would like to know what youth, parents, educators and enthusiasts would answer for each of these. Please add your thoughts and identify your relationship to Minecraft play and learning. Have at one some or all of these.

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1. What is unique about Minecraft that made it so successful over other open ended game systems?

2. Is Minecraft inherently educational? Are there things that Minecraft does that make it easy to teach with? Is it just a good gimmick to introduce educational content?

3. What's the best example of Minecraft being used for education that you've done and seen?

4. What's the worst?

5. Is there a subject that you feel a game like Minecraft could revolutionize?

6. Where could schools and other educational institutions vendor from open ended exploration of this type?