If a picture is worth a thousand words, how would you sum up your Minecraft experience?

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Daniel G.
Lake Mary, Florida

Daniel's Journey Through Minecraft

Daniel created this movie to explain why he enjoys playing Minecraft so much!

Click here to view his movie.


This is how I see the "why" have Minecraft in kids education vs "other" technology solutions

These are some clever ads for Lego. I think this is exactly how kids imaginations see Minecraft.


Hola from Mexico City! I'm David Deeds, the Technology Integration Specialist for Colegios Peterson.

So far I've added three pages to this wiki that sum up our latest Minecraft Experience:


Several students have their wiki accounts now and hopefully they'll be uploading soon. I'm always interested in the teacher's point of view, but I find I learn more about how kids learn by listening to them. I'll encourage them to provide some notes, quotes, etc.

Hi, my name is Kate Booth and I am a primary teacher working in four New South Wales, Australia, regional low SES (Socio Economic Status) public schools.

I have spent a number of years using virtual world technology (sim-on-a-stick) with my students and in term 4 last year began to introduce projects incorporating Minecraft (I use MinecraftEdu as it has a few excellent teacher blocks that suit my projects). Here are some snapshots and links to the various projects so far. All have been brilliantly successful and student attendance, engagement and deeper content knowledge with learning outcomes is very high in my classes. It is one of the best if not the best teaching resources I have come across.




K-6 Nova Citadel English/Science This was a whole school project in a very small school (15 students) that I work in. The students LOVED it as did the principal. It was based around the iPad app Epic Citadel.

photo (10).PNG
Graphing in Minecraft Pocket Edition Grade 3

HSIE Rainforest Project Grade 4/5

photo 1(1).PNG
Kindergarten HSIE Meeting Needs Each student worked in groups running a little LAN server off their iPads. This was a SUPER project!!

Afghanistan Maths Enrichment Project for highest grade 5/6 maths students

Building Bridges PDHPE Project grade 5/6 students. One of my favourite projects so far where students who would never mix with each other in the playground worked so brilliantly together on this project. They were all so disappointed when it finished as was I.




5/6 Antarctica Project So far this project is travelling beyond my expectations and the metalanguage that I am hearing in the very noisy (great productive noise!) classroom is terrific. Students are so immersed in the environment it is almost as though they are building in Antarctica itself. When the snow weather effect kicks in all get so excited. Snowball fights are a mandatory requirement!

Michelle Jensen

Teacher Librarian High Schoolphoto-1.jpg

President School Library Association of New South Wales

I have been using Minecraft in my Classrooms since 2011. I have never had my own server and this is the next step for me. Recently I became fascinated by Raspberry Pi's and luckily Minecraft has a Pi version. My Library has a Maker Space and each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday it is open at lunch. I started last week with a little exercise that introduce students to the possibilities of open source computing.

The students connect a circuit board to the Raspberry Pi on this board they place a tiny button.photo-5.jpg
The students use a run sheet to access a line of code that enables the press of a button to build a glass floor in Minecraft. I have experienced Adults doing this same exercise and the magic of pressing an external button to effect Minecraft is ageless.


Jennifer Garcia

El Salvador

Hi I am Jennifer Garcia and I work as the LRC Coordinator and KS3 ICT teacher at the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca. Last year was the first year that we used Minecraft in our 7th grade curriculum. We did a unit on Fortresses building on what the students had done in Humanities the previous year. They designed and then built their own fortressed in teams with the Minecraft experts as the team leaders. We didn't "teach" Minecraft, the students learned how to use it, with support from their teams and the teacher, while participating in the project. We tested out the fortresses in survival mode for the last lesson. I think that both the kids and those of us teaching the unit, wished that it could go on forever.Here are a few highlights from the project.

We have also run Minecraft as an after school activity and run a few student created Hunger Games sessions during that time.We are about to embark on a new Minecraft Unit in conjunction with the English Dept which will focus on surviving a shipwreck. I look forward to sharing that work with everyone.

This is a video which one of our students prepared for an online conference. Many of our students create Minecraft videos for their own purposes and to share with the world.

Jesus DeleonSeminole County Public Schools- FloridaOur county has been incorporating various virtual world/game environments for a number of years including Quest Atlantis, Second Life and Wolfquest. Last year we decided to explore Minecraft as our next adventure and we found it to be a positive experience. We first used Minecraft in a 2 week Summer camp with kids from elementary and middle school levels and worked great on a collaborative level. The Summer Program inspired one of our teachers to create a Minecraft Club and continue to explore the possibilities. This Summer we will be once again hosting another Summer Camp but have decided to use the survival mode of the game to add a sense of narrative and more gaming elements to the experience. This is the trailer that will be used to promote the camp and provide a hint of what will be taking place. We now have more teachers interested and will be shadowing us during the camp in order to experience first hand how our kids learn by exploring, building, collaborating and making decisions.