Hi i'm superboy1123 and here are a couple minecraft reflections from our homeroom period! More to come soon!

Today we made an official document stating our merging clans and our alliance with the Portal Creepers Clan which is dinocopter66, drk2003, mechak47, and ShardX. KirbyCrab123 and I did a lot of mining and we found gold, redstone, lots of coal, iron and even 4 diamonds! Diamonds are really rare and this is the second time that I found them legitimately. We got a lot of work done today.

Today we did not start the game right away. EMSTeacher02 talked to ShardX, dinocopter66, KirbyCrab123 and me about what happened two days ago. Today was different. We made up and there was no fighting anymore. We actually allow dinocopter66 in our base and we don’t kill him even though we are not allienced. We think about alliancing and we actually are coming closer. We are doing better now as a clan and we found more iron!